Cristina – anyone can find his own pair

Cristina is the brand that brings forth a story through every pair of shoes created. A story about how convenient, practical and affordable a pair of footwear can be, and how much satisfaction it can bring to the customer. For us shoes are not an accessory. Our footwear always reveals something about us. It characterizes us, and Cristina models are a mixture of femininity and elegance keeping the comfort and durability signature of the product.


Recognized for the perfect balance of quality and price, Cristina footwear is made of natural leather only. It is versatile in models, but it remains practical and simple. We focus on simplicity and customer preferences, we analyze international footwear trends, but we do not forget to be authentic.

Cristina –
Your family’s brand

Cristina is a family-friendly brand. Natural leather women’s footwear, regardless of the style it represents, is, first and foremost, practical and comfortable. In our women’s collection, we have ballerinas, moccasins, trainers, heeled or flat shoes and boots. A lot of styles and models that cannot leave indifferent any women. And because regardless of age any woman wants to be beautiful and stylish, we produce shoes for all ages.


To men we also offer a variety of styles such as classic, comfort and sport. All footwear is made of top quality natural leather, carefully selected from the best quality factories in Europe and Russia. Even though we produce more styles of shoes for men as well, the selection of models is rigorous, thoroughly analyzed and executed.


And because we are a whole family brand, we also produce natural leather footwear for children. The models you find in specialized Cristina stores are selected for each season, so parents can be assured that, regardless of the weather, they can find natural leather footwear at the lowest price in the country. At the same time, we considered helping them grow and develop, and we created the footwear that woulf assist them to walk correctly and feel good at the same time. With small but sure steps you succeed in life

Cristina – the footwear through which tradition and technology goes hand in hand

The history of the Cristina footwear brand has been written for over 25 years, during which we have gained our popularity through the footwear quality and comfort. We went through several changes but we tried to keep the same signature – cheap, quality and comfortable footwear.


CRISTINA is a national brand in the Republic of Moldova dedicated exclusively to the production of footwear and is the only footwear factory in the country that owns private facilities supplied with special and modern equipment for the production of footwear. Even if much of the production process is automated and technology helps us make a more sustainable product, human skills and experience remain fundamental elements.


Cristina footwear is made of natural leather only, and its accessories provide the product with an elegant and tasteful look. We love to play with the colors, harmoniously combine the leather texture so that the final result will not only delight us, but also our customers regardless of age.


Cristina motivates every year to be better and to exceed our limits. We create products; we make history and bring value to society.