Shoe Maintenance Guide

How to take care of the shoes from CRISTINA?


1.     Clean your footwear every day. It is important to clean your shoes every day if you want to keep their freshness, and in time, not to get damaged. First wash their soles. Even if you go for the idea that "there is no point in washing it tomorrow I will still dirty it" the daily care of soles can relieve you of many problems. Clean the soleplate with a damp cloth or cloth moistened. First clean the bottom and then around. After you have finished cleaning with another dry towel, wipe it well.

2.     Water must not be hot or cold.

3.     Avoid direct contact of the footwear with water.

4.     For the natural leather footwear, specialists recommend to use daily creams or other care solutions.Use these solutionsafter using a yawning cloth to remove dirt from them.

5.     If you still want to give it a gloss of leather footwear, the routine above is enough to use a special sponge that gives it a shine.

6.     Natural leather footwear that moistened after rain has to be dry with the sole upside down or with the open zipper exposed to air.

7.     Do not dry wet shoes near heat sources such as radiator, reheat, aerothermal, feon. Otherwise, the material will dry out, tighten and, over time, it will sprout.

8.     Footwear with lacquer or polished leather shoes should only be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. Never use hot water and soap!

9.     Winter fur boots must be polished periodically. Winter shoes are kept in a place free of sun or moisture, with a chan or cardboard or inside.

10.      If you go from one season to another, then it is good to clean the boots, put them in the box and store them in a dry place.