Wholesale services

Over the past 25 years, several services have been developed within the company. One of the services we offer is wholesale service. We are the only ones on the Moldovan market that have both high performance equipment, raw materials and skilled workforce to produce large quantities of footwear. The palette of patterns, sizes and colors is great, and thanks to our experience and teamwork, we have developed this service to succeed in getting closer to the buyer. We are working individually with each wholesale buyer so that both parts were satisfied and the result is always positive. For those interested, please contact us to cristina@cristina.md or shoes.cristina@gmail.com

Service provision

Another service we provide to our customers is the production of their own footwear line. We design, create, construct and manufacture the footwear. Thus, we are ready to offer footwear production services from natural leather and who want to cooperate with us can complete the form from the B2B section.


For those interested please contact us through our email address shoes.cristina@gmail.com